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December 2020 | Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Entrepreneur of the Year Award Petoskey, Michigan December, 2020
I was so proud to accept this award on behalf of the Fresh Baby team! It is a great honor to be recognized by our community. This award is a tribute to the hard work, dedication, creativity and commitment of our entire team. We are all so proud.”
As published in the Petoskey News Review:
PETOSKEY — The Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce recognized an atypical year of contributions to the local community on Tuesday, during the annual Breakfast for Champions. Breakfast for Champions is a community awards program hosted by the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce. An audience of nearly 300 people attended the event this year in an all new virtual format. Petoskey Plastics recieved the prestigious Chairman’s Award, given in recognition and appreciation of long-standing accomplishments, significant investment, and extraordinary efforts that have shaped our community. “Petoskey Plastics is an established leader in their industry and have focused on sustainability and company culture to be a standard of business excellence in our community and across the globe,” said award presenter, Ashley Whitney, chairperson of the Chamber Board of Directors. Petoskey Plastics were specifically recognized for converting an assembly line to manufacture non-surgical protective gowns to support healthcare workers and patients during the COVID-19 crisis. Jason Keiswetter, president of Petoskey Plastics accepted the award on behalf of the company. Sharon Scappacher, professional volunteer won the Athena Award, which celebrates the women in leadership roles throughout the community. Scappacher personally helped raise over $200,000 for YMCA through her themed dinners and sponsorship work. “She is one of those empowered women that can empower other women. I have never met anyone that is more committed to equality, justice and the well-being of women. She realizes that she can make a difference and does so to make the world a better place,” said Stephanie Baldwin, who presented the award to Schappacher. Todd Burch of McLaren Northern Michigan and Dr. Josh Meyerson of the Health Department of Northwest Michigan were presented the newly created Petoskey Strong award. The award was created to recognize those that went above and beyond to help support, sustain or provide safety to the community as a whole during the challenging times of a pandemic. Other awards presented include:
• Service Excellence Award: Dan Kolinski, Kauffman’s Furniture
• Community Enthusiast Award: Jeffrey Neill OsborneKlein
• Ambassador of the Year Award: David Hamm, Jarvis Property Restoration
• Thriving Petoskey Award: Aster Brands
• Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Cheryl Tallman, Fresh Baby.
• Architectural and Renovation Awards: Beautification — Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery; Design — The Quiet Moose; Heritage — Gabriel Farms & Winery
June 2019 | Fresh Baby Partners with Bingocize®


We have exciting news to share! Fresh Baby is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Bingocize®, a successful health promotion program that combines exercise, health education, and BINGO! The program was just approved to be included in the SNAP-Ed* Toolkit as an evidence-based intervention and was previously accepted as a falls prevention program by the National Council on Aging. Fresh Baby will be supplying the nutrition education products that will be used as prizes during the games and we couldn’t be more excited to support the older adult community through the Bingocize® program!

View Fresh Baby Prize Packs or for more information please check out the Bingocize® website, email, or view the entire collection of older adult nutrition education products at Fresh Baby.

View the Western Kentucky University (WKU) Press Release Here

October 2018

Portion TipsPetoskey News Review, Saturday Paper, October 20, 2018.
Healthy influences: Petoskey company’s product line promotes proper nutrition

Petoskey News Review, October 28, 2018.
Junior Achievement launches entrepreneurship education program

May 2018

2018 Michigan Celebrates Small Business

2018 Michigan Small Business PTAC Best Small Business Honoree

Fresh Baby Selected as Northwest Michigan PTAC Gov. Contractors of the Year

Networks Northwest selects Fresh Baby as Northwest Michigan PTAC Government Contractor of the Year. Click here to view the official Press Release.

Petoskey News Review, May 14, 2018. Area companies honored at state small business celebration in Lansing, Michigan on May 3, 2018.

Northern Express features Fresh Baby as a Petoskey Powerhouse Changing the Way America Eat.


September 2017

A child’s nutrition is crucial to their development. That’s why feeding disorders can be emotional for both parents and their little ones. Munson Medical Center’s pediatric feeding therapy clinic is helping families solve this problem. One tool used by Patty Flynn from Pediatric Feeding at Munson is the Fresh Baby Kid’s 7″ 4-Section MyPlate, featured on 7&4 News. Watch the video here.

July 2017

Greenspace can be limited in downtown Petoskey, yet business owners Cheryl and Roger Tallman have accomplished a noticeable landscape in a confined space. The building is located at 523 E. Mitchell St. in Petoskey, and accommodates their businesses, Fresh Baby and Creative i. Before the makeover, the property was in great shape but it lacked that “wow” factor. Previously, what stood out about the company building was a ground-mounted flag pole, flat white siding with brick trim, and a small green lawn. Designed with clients and employees in mind, Cheryl and Roger wanted their new space, “to be dramatic, rustic, functional and have a beautiful display of water.” The whole exterior space was updated from the siding to the grounds. Read More.

June 2017

It’s hot out there! I’m sure there is plenty of water available but what if they are on a field trip and only have access to a drinking fountain? I want my kids to know that they will have water, even in an emergency. So, throw in their backpack the Fresh Baby Collapsible Water Bottles. They are 10 ounces, foldable, freezable, reusable, and collapsible. They also attach to a diaper bag or lunch box. The 10-ounce size is small for small hands and has a natural resource message in the waterfall design. They are also BPA and lead free. If we are going out for the day, I’ll freeze a couple and put them in the cooler with snacks. They keep everything else cold and are handy for emergencies. Read More.

August 2016


The number one reason that I love this teether is the shape. It is so easy for Reef to hold onto and keep a nice firm grip on it and the end is a great way for him to massage his poor little gums. Another nice feature is that while he has the ability to reach his molars, there is also a safety guard to prevent him from choking himself. Read More.


Babie Foodies, featured Fresh Baby, baby food trays as one of the top products for making baby food purees. Read More.

June 2016


Kids Eat Like a Superhero with Fresh Baby {A Review & Giveaway} Boom! Pow! Pop! Kids love superheroes, don’t they! Boy or girl, young or old…there is just something about superheroes that we can all love and appreciate. At least, that’s how it is in my house! But what don’t kids love? Well, eating their vegetables for one! Read More.


When it comes to my son’s healthy habits, its my goal to provide him with well balanced meals on a daily basis. This means making sure he eats adequate servings of various food groups. Read More.


How to have fun and play with our new MyPlate Toss Up Beach Ball – VIDEO


My kids love the new Comic Book Design 4-Section My Plate and 8 oz Dairy Cup from Fresh Baby! These 8 inch plates are designed for kids 6 and up, which are a really nice option to have for my bigger kids. They have outgrown the traditional toddler plates, but the doesn’t mean they don’t like their own cool kids dinnerware!Read More.

March 2016


Water is a big necessity throughout many aspects of our lives. We use it for bathing, cleaning, and cooking. Drinking water is also essential for our overall health and well being, especially since our bodies are made up of about 60% of it. Read More.


Water is so important in our family. Every night my husband takes at least three bottles of water with him to bed. I always have one close by too and sometimes my son has one next to his bed. He’s only four and still has accidents so I don’t encourage this yet. Read More.


Our body’s make up of 60% of water. We are told to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day as rich as this country is while other countries are struggling with having drinking water some Americans do not even drink one glass of water a day. Read More


As a mom, this is something I’m really striving to improve on- both for myself and for my children. I want to show them good drinking habits from the beginning so that they won’t fall into that pattern of choosing sugary drinks over water. Read More.


The Drink Up initiative is one that is hitting America with a “splash”. The Drink Up team is all about Americans drinking more water. Why? Well water is the healthiest beverage and why wouldn’t it be, it is over half of your body composition. Read More.

January 2016


It’s cold, your family has been cooped up, and your fresh out of ideas for dinner. Use these super (simple) soup recipes to save the day! Read More.

December 2015


If your family celebrates Hanukkah, here are some ideas and recipes to include your little one in the flavors of Hanukkah. Enjoy and happy Hanukkah! Read More.

November 2015


Side dishes made with lightly cooked fresh vegetables can add rich flavor, festive color and a dose of delicious nutrition to your holiday dinner table. Try a few of these side dish recipes. Read more.


What’s on your holiday menu this year? With Thanksgiving swiftly approaching, and if your baby is old enough to sit-up and experience lumpier more textured foods, this can be a great time to incorporate their needs into the menu planning and fun at the table! Read More.

October 2015


Introducing herbs to your child at an early age helps to develop their sense of taste and can make foods more interesting. Start out by adding an herb or spice to baby food purees. Read More.


Soups make for delicious lunches or dinners, year around. When the temperature drops, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup. Soup is also easy to make, can take less than 30 minutes and makes for great leftovers. Read More.